ear eye nose and muscle
ply hills rivers roads
surround northampton, mass.

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02/19/14, 02:33:00 pm

New now understatement

Imaginary friends who are a little less self-effacing.

Look: briefly listed, miscellaneous performancesáand realizationsáfrom my time as a student at Oberlin. Looking: forward to adding performances in this Valley soon.

In the midst of mixing others' musics, slow progress on a listeningástudyáof aálengthy field recording first presented as part of Accumulation 02, a brief excerpt of which I've posted on this page. My hope is that it will result in a variety of performances and a lovely object or two.

Reading the Diary of Ana´s Nin.áListening to Busta Rhymes's debut, Eva Maria-Houben'sáOrgelbuch, and Moniek Darge'sáSounds of Sacred Places.

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