ear eye nose and muscle
ply hills rivers roads
surround northampton, mass.

Accumulation 02 (2013 04 09)

Categories: Performance

Accumulation 02 (2013 04 09)
6:30PM; Clonick Hall, Kohl Building, Oberlin College

A concert of field recordings collected during February and March of 2013 at and around the confluence of Chance Creek and the Vermillion River.

Tea will be served preceding the concert, from 5:45-6:30pm, in the lobby (or outside, weather permitting). Music begins promptly at 6:30pm. The program will be one hour.


Excerpt from a field recording first presented as part of Accumulation 02

Accumulation 02 (2013 04 09)
One side of the Accumulation 02 program. Drawing by Peter Freeman.

"Je réfléchis à d'autres lieux de ce type, [...] des pièces contenant une seule oeuvre : une plaque de fer flottante, par exemple, qui semble flotter à travers la musique, flotter calmement... Je réfléchis à des endroits dans lesquels on peut se retirer seul, des pièces qui créent une ambiance de silence, mais pas un silence stupide... comment dire... un silence actif, une sorte d'état de suspension, de quiétude."

"I'm thinking of other rooms like this, [...] rooms that contain only one work: a floating iron plate, for example, that seems to calmly float through the music... I am thinking about places that one can retreat to alone, rooms that create an ambience of stillness, of silence, but not stupid silence... how might I say... an active stillness, a kind of suspended state of tranquility."
—Rolf Julius, excerpted from "Les Lieux de Quiétude" (Rooms of Stillness), 1987

Accumulation 02 (2013 04 09)
Other side. Detail from A Career of Birds by Alexander Heald.