ear eye nose and muscle
ply hills rivers roads
surround northampton, mass.

Category: Audio

Tacsis 01

Categories: Audio

Composed, recorded, & mixed mid-December 2009.
Exploring the effect of active, layered stasis on listening over time.
To be played on repeat for as long as desired, at low or high volumes.

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Categories: Audio

Recorded live in Hales Gymnasium, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
2010 10 13, 11:00pm?11:06pm.
No overdubs or editing.

SSRP (ver. Fischer Gallery)

Categories: Audio

Fischer Gallery, Allen Memorial Art Building
Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
2011 03 11, 11:42pm?11:55pm.

Site-specific room play using sine tones.

KTDS 01-08

Categories: Audio

A durational piece in eight parts for field recording and sine tones.

Recorded 2011 08 04, 4:40pm; 2011 08 05, 6:30pm – 7:56pm.
Composed 2011 08 07 – 2011 09 26.

Download in track-separated form: [WAV] (128 MB) [MP3] (29 MB)

Tacsis 02 (Cleave)

Categories: Audio

Tacsis 02 (Cleave)

Composed, performed, recorded & mixed on March 21, 2013.

A layering of nine close-mic recordings of two stone structures sounded with a metal knitting needle, exploring the effect of divergence on perceptual stream segregation.

Listen on repeat at a volume such that it is comfortably just-perceptible.

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Categories: Audio


A modular three-part composition for six styrofoamists, four bowed strings, and four-channel playback.

Stylus may be realized using any sequence, layering, repetition, or omission of the following parts:

Part F, for six styrofoamists. 10'
Part S, for four slowly bowed strings. 10'29"
Part P, for one-to-four-channel playback. 10'

Scores for parts F/S, and multichannel versions of part P are available upon request.

Stylus ver. F, S was first performed on April 21, 2012 as part of Accumulation 01.


Stylus ver. PeS (Dry) [allow 12.3MB stream to load for play button to work]

Stereo mix of part P, with electronic realization of part S. Play over illustrative speakers in resonant spaces.

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House Dreaming (And I'm Thinking of Juke)

Categories: Audio

Composed Summer 2012.

Intended to be listened on speakers only.
Healthy volume and movement recommended.

Meditation, "Q"

Categories: Audio

Extended reverencing of the craft of Q and The Brothers J.

I. Prelude
II. Empathic repose
III. Breathy lightness
IV. Summer nightpools

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