ear eye nose and muscle
ply hills rivers roads
surround northampton, mass.

03/29/14, 12:36:00 am

Meditation, In Between the Heartacheses

sit in a tree; claim no credit for any of the below.

Meditation, In Between the Heartacheses

In Between the Heartaches(esmix) (2014)

Direct auditory comparison of two mixes (released on different playback media) of Dionne Warwick's "In Between the Heartaches". Composed, arranged, produced, and conducted by Burt Bacharach. Lyrics by Hal David.

Here I Am
Scepter Records SRM-531 (1966 LP, mono mix)
Collectables Records 1813 (2011 CD reissue, stereo mix)

[MP3, 10.1MB] | [Apple Lossless, 31MB] | [FLAC, 30.2MB]
(right click preferred format and "save link as" to download)

In Between the Heartaches(essocial-media-reversalmix) also included in download. Play back-to-back-to-back.

03/15/14, 12:17:00 am

Tedious diversions

Maybe soon I will be moving along, nothing to be seen where.

Now available to play incompletely and louder than intended: a demonstration tape of one possible configuration of the modular composition Stylus (April 2012); and a contemplative side-serving of admiration for Q, largely assembled over the last summer months, titled Meditation, "Q".

Listening to Hugo Largo, Thom Bell compositions/productions, Beyoncé, and Éliane Radigue's Naldjorlak triptych. Watching films of Sergios Leone and Corbucci, Agnès Varda, and James Benning.

02/19/14, 02:33:00 pm

New now understatement

Imaginary friends who are a little less self-effacing.

Look: briefly listed, miscellaneous performances and realizations from my time as a student at Oberlin. Looking: forward to adding performances in this Valley soon.

In the midst of mixing others' musics, slow progress on a listening study of a lengthy field recording first presented as part of Accumulation 02, a brief excerpt of which I've posted on this page. My hope is that it will result in a variety of performances and a lovely object or two.

Reading the Diary of Anaïs Nin. Listening to Busta Rhymes's debut, Eva Maria-Houben's Orgelbuch, and Moniek Darge's Sounds of Sacred Places.

11/30/13, 01:24:00 pm

Conversation transcription

written, retreating, reading, seated

I've posted the transcription of a conversation I had with my friend Jessie Downs, largely concerning her senior composition recital in Oberlin, Ohio at Peace Community Church. I am freshly moved to Northampton, MA, just ten miles from my birth coordinates. Songs are being written. Two field recordings from Accumulation 02 are being prepared for depersonalised presentation.

Aside from Jessie's music, I am listening to Burt Bacharach compositions, Miles Davis with cuica, seventies Joni Mitchell, Ron Shalom with Austin Vaughn, Anthony Braxton, and Catherine Lamb's Three Bodies (Moving). Oh and All For You.

05/14/13, 09:55:00 am

House Dreaming

Blooming trees and construction outside my window.

Posted House Dreaming (And I'm Thinking of Juke), which has been floating around since I composed it last summer (nearly a year ago, somehow). I've made little changes every now and then, but I'm finally making it available now.

House Dreaming came out of a longstanding desire for music that is at once static, ecstatic, and rhythmic, and is inspired by the evolution in my understanding and love of Chicago juke and footwork (see: TW Gordon). Play it over speakers at a good clip and explore the room.

04/30/13, 05:04:00 pm

Seasonal low frogs

Suddenly spring, and approaching a stark transition into schoollessness.

Earlier this month, I presented a new longform piece composed in the first quarter of 2013. Wonderful to share with a lovely audience. A bit more information is located on the Accumulation 02 (2013 04 09) page. A recording for home listening enjoyment is forthcoming, hopefully available in June.

I am slowly working to make this a more functional (and engaging) website. Many more projects to post!

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